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Am I sleep deprived? I don’t think so, I slept like 10 hours yesterday so how can I be ‘sleep deprived’. But I do feel exhausted and think of sleep during my work! Do you feel the same? Are you sleep deprived? A simple test, if you feel exhausted during your daily job and occasionally think of sleeping you are sleep deprived. But is that because you didn’t sleep for 8 hours straight? no, it is because you didn’t sleep well.

People love to sleep, may be there are a few exceptions but a peaceful sleep and waking up the next morning rejuvenated and full of energy is anyone’s dream. That’s why beds and mattresses are a billion dollar industry and we spend a lot of money on them. Mattress companies invested many millions in developing the best sleeping solutions, one such solution is a mattress topper.

A mattress topper is basically a thinner version of a mattress often used to alter its comfort and support levels. We all buy mattress toppers for many reasons and there are hundreds of them to choose from. It is important that you choose the right mattress topper for the desired results. This website hopes to provide enough buying guidelines to help you choose the best mattress topper that suites your needs.

Types of mattress toppers

There are different types of mattress toppers based on the type of material they are made of, below are the most popular ones. Each one has its own pros and cons.

Memory foam

Among the four memory foam mattress toppers are the most popular. They are made with memory foam, a visco elastic polyurethene material with excellent impact absorption capability. It was first developed by NASA in the 60s for aircrafts but later found its place in the mattress industry. It absorbs body heat and moulds to body contours giving a kind of cuddled feeling. Once the weight is removed the foam slowly regains its shape ie, it kind of ‘remember’ its original form and so it is called ‘memory foam’.

Pros: most popular, improve comfort and support, durable, best for eliminating back, neck and shoulder pain caused by wrong sleeping postures, offers a cuddles feeling, minimizes motion transfer by partner, available in many sizes and thicknesses, dust mite and allergen resistant

Cons: Initial bad odor of the foam, heat retention, some products make it difficult to move

You can find detailed memory foam mattress topper reviews here.


Latex mattress toppers are made from natural latex. They are eco-friendly, offers good ‘bounce’ and all weather.

Pros: More responsive than memory foam, durable and long lasting, less maintenance, bio-degradable, chemical free, dust mite and allergen resistant, best choice for overweight people and temperature neutral.

Cons: Costly compared to memory foam mattress toppers, limited availability


They are made of wool and are great at softening a firmer mattress. They are less popular than memory foam and latex mattress toppers.

Pros: Soft, durable, all weather type, cool in summer and warm in winter, no heat retention

Cons: Pricey, lacks body support, initial odor, cannot improve a mattress in bad condition


Feather mattress toppers are made of duck or geese feather. They add a layer of comfort to your old mattress.

Pros: Bio-degradable, all weather type, adds comfort, no heat retention, affordable

Cons: Lack body support, not suitable for individuals with allergies, not resistant to bed bugs and dust mites.

Will a mattress topper work for you?

There are many reasons why you want to buy a mattress topper. Below are the most popular reasons for buying a good mattress topper

Reduce Body pain

Chronic back problems are common with people. The reason for this is the build of pressure points mostly on neck, lower back and shoulder areas. To alleviate this our body weight need to be distributed equally on the bed removing any chances of building pressure points. If you are buying a mattress topper to reduce body pains your best choice is a memory foam mattress topper. Its ability to mould to body contours eliminates pressure points and alleviate any neck, back body pains.

Additional comfort

If your mattress is too firm and you want to add a layer of comfort the best choice would be a wool mattress topper. Ofcourse the other choices are good too but wool is long lasting and easier to maintain so if you are solely looking for long lasting comfort this would be a great choice, but don’t expect any support though

Better body support

Nothing beats latex mattress toppers in this. Second comes memory foam mattress toppers. Latex mattress toppers are very responsive, natural, all weather and retains no heat. It also provides good levels of comfort irrespective of the body weight of the sleeper.

Mattress Protection

All mattress toppers are good at this. But if you want to improve a sagging, worn out mattress both memory foam and latex would be the best choices.

Temperature control

All topper types except memory foam do not retain heat, they are cool in summer and are warm in winter. Feather toppers score the first here, second place is for wool and third comes latex, but the differences are marginal.

Reduce motion transfer

The movements of your sleep partner is very likely to disturb your sleep, so it is best if those movements can be isolated. Memory foam scores the most here. These mattress toppers are very good at isolating the movements of your sleep partner. Latex toppers are the second best choice.

Sex friendly

Did I mention ‘bounce’ before. Both latex and wool mattress toppers are the best choices here. Memory foam comes last.

How to choose the right mattress topper?

It is important to buy the right topper to get the expected results. Choosing the wrong mattress will be waste of money and time. Given below is a list of things to look for buying a mattress topper.


As mentioned above mattress toppers come mainly in four types. First decide which type you want to buy.


There are many companies within the USA and outside manufacturing mattress toppers. Some companies rebrand a product and sell it in their name. For example Sleep Innovations and Novaform are under the same companies, so are many products. Choose a trusted name. There are already many well known players in the field so choosing a trusted brand won’t be difficult.


Look for the certifications the product has. Oeko-Tex is an internationally recognized certification for quality assurance. It certifies that a product is free from any substance that is harmful to us or the environment.

Memory foam mattress toppers carries Certi-PUR US certification, which certifies the same. Most mattress toppers manufactured in the USA carries this certification. There are plenty of toppers carrying one of these certifications so waste no time on any other toppers.


Most products carry limited manufacturer’s warranty and varies with brands. A general guideline would be to trust your instincts. Some toppers also offer a 30 day return period within which you can return the topper of it is not upto your satisfaction. Frankly they should increase that time period.

Customer Reviews

Any mattress topper available in the market will be listed in Amazon or any other such marketplaces. Visiting them will show you the reviews of customers, and as prospects they are very valuable for us. I suggest you choose only those with a good number of sales and ratings.

What should a good mattress topper do?

What qualities should we expect from a good mattress topper? Given below are my thoughts.

Provide better sleep

The primary reason for buying a mattress topper is to improve sleep. Are there any other reasons to purchase topper? Yes, it can be used as a spare bed, it can be used solely in RV’s or for camping trips, but for most the main buying reason is always better sleep. If your topper doesn’t meet that requirement, return it.

Stay in shape

No, I mean the topper should stay in shape, not you. Mattress toppers tend to deform after long term of use. This is seen less in latex toppers and most in memory foam. If you go through customer reviews of the product you will get an idea how long it will stay in shape.

Easy to Handle

It is possible that you shift the topper to another room, or roll it up for storage. A good mattress topper should withstand these handling. Most mattress toppers are easy to be moved. Feather mattress toppers are usually lumpy but can withstand lot of handling. Memory foam and latex toppers can rip in places if not handled carefully.

Shouldn’t smell

I cannot stand anything that has a strong odour, think of me sleeping on a really smelly topper! A good topper shouldn’t have any such smell or atleast it shouldn’t continue to have it. Memory foam and wool has faint to strong odour depending on the product. But a few days of airing out can solve this problem.

Regulates body heat

A good topper doesn’t make you hot. Memory foam has a tendency to retain heat but manufacturers employ modern technologies like Open Cell technology to increase air circulation and dissipate any retained heat.


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