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Best Down Alternative Mattress Topper – Complete Review & Buying Guide


Top 10 Down Alternative Mattress Toppers

Every night you sleep on the bed to rejuvenate yourself and think little about the surface that you are sleeping on and how it basically influences the overall sleep cycle. While a combination of mattress, pillows and comforter might seem to be great but they are not able to keep your body warm/cool neither do they offer support to the sensitive regions. This is where down alternative mattress toppers are known to create a major difference.

But what exactly are down alternative mattress toppers and what makes them the ultimate solution for a cozy bedding?

Read on to find out more.

What is Down Alternative Mattress Topper?

There are two versions of down mattress toppers available in the market and they are:

  1. Down Mattress topper and
  2. Down Alternative Mattress Topper

The down mattress topper is crafted from feathers of geese and ducks to provide a soft and comfy surface, whereas the down alternative mattress topper is a bit different from them and comes along with additional characteristics such as easy maintenance, lightweight and hypoallergenic. The quality of these mattress toppers is determined by their loft and feel. Fill is denoted as the amount of down present in one ounce, the more will be the fill the better will be the fluff and this will simultaneously increase the insulating properties of the topper.

Most importantly, down alternative are incredible for those who suffer from feather allergies or are strict with their budget. Because the alternatives are essentially composed of cotton, polyester or rayon and are manufactured by several companies around the world.

Down Alternative Mattress Topper Reviews

1. Home Sweet Home Dreams Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Bed Mattress Topper, 2″ H, Full

Home Sweet Home Dreams Inc, holds a reputation of manufacturing premium bedding products and this down alternative mattress topper remains to be one of the best-selling items of the lot. This topper is made up of 100% microfiber and can be washed every now and then without any sort of complications.

Some of the exceptional features of this down alternative mattress topper are:

  • Filled with 100% Polyester Fiber: This down alternative mattress topper delivers a snug fit design that cradles with the natural structure of your body to promote restful and deep sleep. The core of the topper is based on 100% polyester fiber that has been filled generously for optimal comfort and softness.
  • Baffle Box Construction: A unique property of this topper is the baffle box construction that eliminates the chances of accumulation of fibers as you toss and turn, ensuring the topper holds its shape and remains the way it for a long period of time.
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty: Any manufacturer defect or other associated problems with the topper is backed by one year limited warranty, allowing you to shop for it with a peace of mind.
  • 2. Duck & Goose Co Plush Durable Premium Hotel Quality Mattress Topper, Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Fiber
    Boasting for its thickness of 2 inches, the Duck & Goose hypoallergenic down alternative fiber mattress topper is where comfort meets quality. It is regarded to be an effective solution to overcome the miseries of a firm mattress, as the 1400 GSM microfiber plush brings just the right amount of cushioning so that you are able to relax at ease.
  • The topper is equipped with anchor bands that can be used to securely fit this down alternative topper with the mattress Further, the anchor bands are designed in such a manner that they easily adapt with mattress for any depth ranging from 6 to 22 inches. Other amazing features of this one of a kind topper are:
  • Soft 1400 GSM Microfiber: The topper is filled with soft and lofty 1400 GSM microfiber that only aids in superior comfort but at the same time it acts as a barrier against dust mites and bacterial invasion, keeping both the topper and the mattress protected from harmful allergens.
  • Square Shape Stitching: The square shape fitting layout of the mattress helps it stay at its place while maintaining the softness and comfort that you aspired to have.
  • 10 Years Limited Warranty: The 10 years limited warranty is a major plus point of this topper and this indeed portrays the confidence that manufacturers have on the quality of toppers that they produce.

3. Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Bamboo Mattress Topper – Premium Hypoallergenic Mattress Pad with Cooling Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo is known for its natural cooling abilities that eliminates the scope of heat retention and regulates comfortable temperature on the surface. This product from the house of Zen Bamboo, harnesses this quality with a special blend of microfiber leading to a cloud-like sleeping surface that revitalizes worn out mattress in no time. For better hold, the topper comes along with an elastic skirt that is able to fit a majority of the mattresses till 18 inches.

The wondrous features of Zen Bamboo ultra soft bamboo down alternative mattress topper are:

  • Soft Microfiber + Natural Bamboo: As stated, this mattress topper uses not only one but the power of two potent materials i.e. natural rayon from bamboo and ultra soft microfiber so as to enhance the cooling abilities of the topper and maintain a stable temperature on the surface which prevents the chances of body perspiration of any disturbances.
  • Double-Needle Baffle Box: The toppers are crafted from premium quality materials and then are stitched using double-needle baffle box technique as this balances perfect portion of fills across the different parts of the topper.
  • 30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee: The initial investment of having a down alternative mattress topper will no longer bother you because this wonder product is offered with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, where if you are not happy with the results of the topper then you can simply return it and initiate a refund request.

4. Sweet Home Collection Polyester Down Alternative Fiber Bed Mattress Topper

If you plan to upgrade your bed into best of its own kind then you should never forget to consider this down alternative fiber mattress topper crafted by Sweet Home Collection. The topper not only reduces firmness of mattress but at the same time it does not have any poky feathers and can be washed in order to get rid of accumulated dirt, dust or debris.

The main features of Sweet Home Collection down alternative mattress topper are:

  • 100% Polyester: This lofty mattress topper is filled with 100% polyester fiber ensuring you are able to rejoice consistent level of comfort throughout every night, while the anti-bacterial protection keeps both the topper and the mattress fresh and ensures that it able to withstand the test of time.
  • Classic Box Stitch Construction: The polyester fiber are encased in classic box stitch design that maintains the shape of the mattress and keeps the fiber at its place effortlessly. The topper is available in different sizes including King, Queen and full sizes.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty: The company strives to offer quality products and this can very well be seen in the one year limited warranty, as it showcases how committed Sweet Home Collection is towards the toppers that they provide.

5. Balichun Fitted Quilted Mattress Pad Cover Pillowtop 300TC Down Alternative Mattress Topper with 8-21-Inch Deep Pocket

When hunting down for quality and that too at a relatively affordable price then this option by Balichun might do the trick. This is an innovative down alternative mattress topper that is enriched with interesting features like the silent protection which basically absorbs unwanted sounds so that your sleep is not disrupted in any manner. In addition to that, the product is hypoallergenic with a 300 thread count cotton cover that secures the filling and extends the lifespan of your existing mattress.

Some of the features of this Balichun down alternative mattress topper that you must focus on are:

  • Storm Goose Down Alternative Filling: The mattress topper holds 40 oz of storm goose down alternative filling along with 83 GSM of standing polyester, this is something that provides the loft and soft feel to the topper. Besides that, it is enables the product with outstanding breathability and reduces the formation of mild dew and mold significantly.
  • Box Stitch Design: Like most of the mattress toppers that are part of the list, even this comes with box stitch design that keeps the fill at its shape and does not displace them even when you toss or turn.
  • One Year Limited Warranty: Each and every component of this down alternative mattress topper is backed by one year limited warranty, so that you are able to use it just the way you want.

6. Cheer Collection Extra Plush Luxurious Down Alternative Mattress Topper, Queen

This down alternative mattress topper is from the Cheer Collection and happens to be their revolutionary product that will change the way you sleep on your bed. The essence of this topper lies in the cloud-like feel that comes through extra plush and comfort, so that ultimately your body gets a restful and welcoming bed to sleep. The top layer of the topper is coated with a special anti-allergy layer and this eliminates the formation of bugs, dust mites and other microbes so that you don’t suffer from any allergic reactions as you sleep. It serves its purpose throughout the year and thus remains to be one of the most preferred versions of mattress toppers.

Other noticeable aspects of this Cheer Collection luxurious down mattress topper are:

  • Breathable Microfiber Filling: The mattress topper is filled with optimal amount of microfiber so that you will never have to compromise with that right balance of plush that you need. In addition to that, presence of microfiber improves breathability, as a result of which the surface does not trap your body heat and maintains suitable temperature to promote healthy sleep.
  • Baffle Box Stitch: The baffle box stitch design as commonly seen in most of the down alternative mattress topper is the key to its durability and efficacy. Due to this design, the filled microfiber hold their shape and do not easily deteriorate with time.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty: In case you come across any manufacturer defects or other such issues then you can make use of the one year limited warranty, as this saves you from any additional cost that you might have to suffer during this period.

7. Live Comfortably Cuddlebed Down Alternative Mattress Topper, Queen

Just as the name suggests, Live Comfortably is a heavily filled down mattress topper that turns out to be an economical choice considering the comfort and quality factors that you are searching for. It is a full polyester topper encased in a 400 thread count cotton mattress pad. This means with the product you get the benefits of both a pad and a topper, which is free from allergens and cuddles to the natural shape of your body seamlessly.

Some of the interesting things about Live Comfortably Cuddlebed that you need to know are:

  • Supportive Polyester Fiberfill: The topper is filled properly with 100% polyester fibers that adds pure luxury to the bed while maintaining the quality of your mattress. This filling is placed in premium cotton mattress pad, so that the topper remains the way it is for years to come and most importantly it is wash and dryer friendly too.
  • Windowpane Construction: The topper is designed for all sleepers and has a brilliant windowpane construction that evenly distributes the polyester fill and aids in the distribution of body weight, so that when you sleep on it you almost feel like floating on clouds.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty: If anything goes wrong with this down alternative mattress topper then you can take advantage of the one year limited warranty brought to you by the manufacturer itself.

8. All Season Down Alternative Mattress Topper

This luxurious all season down alternative mattress topper is filled generously with over 150 ounces of microfiber fill and this provides the much-need warmth and coziness that one would need for beautiful sleep. Designed by Superior, the fiber is cased in 100% cotton cover that brings out soft touch and feel throughout the surface of the mattress topper.

Some of the finest features of this all season down alternative mattress topper are:

  • 100% Microfiber Fill: As stated before, this topper is crafted using 100% microfiber that is filled into the a cotton pad for excellent comfort and support. The fiber not only provides optimum loft but holds the shape of the topper for a long period of time.
  • Double Box Stitching: If you are someone who turns or tosses often while sleeping then the double box stitching of the topper can come for the rescue. This stitching basically keeps the fill at its place no matter what your sleeping position might be. Besides that the hypoallergenic microfiber remains at the best temperature throughout the year in every season.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty: Any defects or issues with the down alternative topper are covered under the one year limited manufacturer warranty, allowing you to use it to perfection.

9. Grandeur Collection Dual Chamber Down-like Fiber Bed King

With a fill power of 180 ounces of microfiber, this elegant white mattress topper part of the Grandeur Collection exemplifies a balance of beauty with comfort. The fibers are filled in a 100% cotton case that not only prevents buildup but at the same time ensures that you are able to experience a pleasant feel and touch. This down alternative mattress topper features a two-inch thick gusset along with puff ball fibers that are meant for that added layer of support and comfort.

The key features of Grandeur Collection dual chamber down-like fiber mattress topper are:

  • Puff Ball & Micro-Gel Fiber: What makes this topper special is the unique blend of micro-gel fibers and puff balls that are filled into the 100% cotton case, as these provide both padding and loft to the sleeping surface without increasing pressure on the sensitive points of the body.
  • Dual Chamber Design: The dual chamber is a patent design of the brand that basically prevents shifting or clumping of the fill. This means when you change your sleeping postures or wash them, the fiber will always hold to their place and this is something that keeps it brand new and maintains its quality.
  • One Year Limited Warranty: The manufacturer offers a one year limited warranty on the product and this indicates their commitment towards the quality and customer satisfaction.

10. Alexander Comforts Brentwood Cotton Down Alternative Fiber Bed Topper Full

When you to take the comfort of your bed to the next level then this down alternative fiber bed topper by Alexander Comforts might turn out to be the best solution. Stuffed with ultra-light and lofty Brentwood fiber, this topper needs to be fluffed only once in every two months and comes with a cotton twill so that the durability is sustained effortlessly.

Some of the interesting aspects of this down feather mattress topper are:

  • Hypoallergenic Microfiber: The microfiber fill present in the topper is hypoallergenic and this eliminates the formation of mites, bugs and other bacteria so that you can enjoy a healthy and comfy sleep.
  • 260 Thread Count Cotton Twill: The fibers are twilled in a natural 260 thread count cotton case that secures the topper and gives you a pleasant feel throughout the surface. This can be washed and dried according to the guidelines of the manufacturer.
  • One Year Limited Warranty: If you damage the product accidentally or certain complications arise within an year then you can make use of the one year limited manufacturer warranty.

Pros and Cons of Down Alternative Mattress Topper

Due to its light weight, premium quality and amazing range of features, down alternative mattress toppers have remained to be one of the most sort after options when it comes to enhancing the comfort and support of existing mattresses. But, when you are about to purchase them then you must have a look over their pros and cons and how exactly does it impact the requirements that you have.

Pros of Down Alternative Mattress Topper

The down alternative mattress toppers are packed with innumerable pros and the top four amongst them are:

1. Doesn’t Trigger Allergies

The feathers that found in conventional down mattress toppers might harbor dust particles, debris and other materials harmful for sensitive people. However, this will never happen in case of down alternative mattress topper. The reason behind this is that they are made from polyester or microfiber which tend to be hypoallergenic, plus they are treated as per the industry standards and thus are less likely to cause any such complication.
if someone in your house is prone to allergies, especially infants, children or adults then down alternative toppers are highly recommended for them.

2. Softness

One of the major reasons why people purchase down alternative mattress topper is because of the softness and comfort that they are able to provide. This is only possible due to the generously filled microfiber and associated materials that keeps the loftiness of toppers intact, even when you jump or toss & turn on the bed. The softness even relives pressure on the pressure prone points of the body and brings a snug fit feel for deeper and restful sleep.

3. Easy To Maintain

Since the down alternative mattress toppers are composed of man-made fibers they are easy to maintain and can be washed every now and then. Moreover, most of the topper need to be fluffed only once in about 2 months and this allows you to manage them conveniently without the need of tedious vacuuming or any other professional graded products.

Do remember to deep clean the topper at least once in six months as this will remove any sediments or particles that are present in them and bring back the shine and feel that it had when it was brand new.

4. Temperature Regulating Properties

Like most of the mattress toppers, even down alternative mattress toppers have the ability to regulate temperature, decreasing the chances of heat retention. The toppers have high breathability supporting circulation of air and this is something that distributes body heat across the surface and makes you feel warm in winters and cool during summers.

Cons of Down Alternative Mattress Topper

The down alternative mattress toppers come in varied level of softness, where it becomes essential to discover just the right amount of softness that you require so as to make the most of it. Yet, these soft toppers have their own set of cons as well and they include:

1. Optimal Support

Down mattress toppers cannot be regarded as a source of optimal support. This is apparently focused towards creating a cushiony and soft feel and may not be the best aid if you are suffering from chronic body ache or back pain.
On the other hand, if you only want to relax and tranquilize yourself into a perfect sleep while reducing pressure on the various regions of the body then this mattress topper can serve the purpose.

2. Poor Quality Toppers Are Not Durable

The poor quality down alternative mattress toppers are not durable, as such toppers tend to get flatten in a short period of time. Therefore, consider the technology that goes into the making of the topper, quality of the microfiber used and then decide whether it will be able to meet the expectations that you have from it or not.

Down Alternative Mattress Topper Buying Guide

Considering the myriad of options that you come across, the search for premium quality down alternative mattress topper is not that easy. To help you out, here we discuss the key parameters that you need to take an account of when looking for the ultimate option. Make sure that you consider them step-by-step, so that at the end of the day, the down alternative mattress topper that you find is something that you always wanted to have.

Without any further ado, let’s focus on what these parameters apparently are and why one must consider them.

1. The Fill Power of Down Alternative Mattress Topper

The quality of a down alternative mattress topper is directly related to the fill power, the better the fill the superior will be the topper. Hence, know more about the materials that are filled in the topper and their average weight in ounce. Most of the manufacturers stuff the toppers heavily so that they are able to deliver the comfort that you need without any sort of compromises.
Thus, the first thing that you should consider is: the fill power of the topper and this is denoted by the type of fill used and its overall volume.

2. Warmth & Thread Count

Most of the people tend to associate thread count only with their linens, but it should never be overlooked while you are purchasing down alternative mattress topper as well. The thread count is closely related with the quality of the topper along with the level of comfort that it is capable of delivering. The cotton cases with higher thread count tend to be warmer while those with lower thread counts are regarded to be cooler. Striking a perfect balance between the both is most important when you want to have an all season mattress topper.

  • 100-200 Thread Count: These are the standard thread counts commonly seen in most of the down alternative mattress topper.
  • 200-300 Thread Count: This range of thread count depicts premium quality cotton that amplifies comfort of your bed.
  • 300-400 Thread Count: This is probably the luxury zone, as most of the high-end brands cater such a thread count.
  • 400+ Thread Count: A thread count that moves beyond 400 is meant only for places where temperature settles on the colder side allowing you to rejoice a warm sleep.

3. Construction

Do check the construction of the down mattress topper before purchasing them. It should be fairly woven so as to make sure that the fibers don’t fall off with time. A common design found in majority of the down alternative mattress toppers is “baffle box stitch” that keeps the fill at a particular place and avoids buildup or clumping of fibers even when you shift or turn. This is quite essential because fibers happen to be extremely lightweight, where even the slightest of motion can make them change their position and would ultimately wear out the topper.

To ensure that this does not happen, manufacturers stitch their toppers in unique designs and layouts so that they are able to hold their shape perfectly in a hassle free manner.

4. Hypoallergenic

There are several companies out there who promote their toppers to be hypoallergenic but these toppers are not down alternative toppers rather they 80% mixture of feathers with 20% blend of man-made fibers. Hence, note down the composition of the mattress topper and then realize whether it is hypoallergenic or not. Only those products that are filled with 100% rayon, polyester or other synthetic substrates are known to be hypoallergenic, as they resist the formation of bacterial buildup, microbes, dust mites and more eliminating the scope of allergies.

5. Size

The final parameter is the size of the down alternative mattress topper. The size of your existing mattress remains to be a crucial element in determining that. As, down alternative mattress topper conforms with the mattress like magic and revitalizes it in no time.

  • King Size: The covers a king size mattress and is known to be equally good for California King beds and associated versions.
  • Queen Size: This will fit the queen mattresses whose average size is about 92 X 96 X 2 inches based on the brand that you choose.
  • Twin Size: At last, the twin size down alternative mattress topper can be somewhere around 70 X 90 X 2 inches and are apt for guest room or kid’s room.

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