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Top 10 Goose Down Mattress Topper – Complete Review & Buying Guide


Top 10 Goose Down Mattress Toppers

The traditional feather mattress were simple handmade products used to offer basic comfort to the sleepers. Later, several sophisticated versions made their way with an aim to use premium materials to bring luxury at its best. One such product is goose down mattress topper. Known for its cushiony feel and lofty touch- these mattress toppers tend to enhance the durability of your existing mattress by acting as a form of protective layer and at the same time they revitalize a firm or worn out mattress too.

This article explains what exactly are goose down mattress, how they can revamp your bed along with the reviews of some of the best options that you must look after.

What is Goose Down Mattress Topper?

A goose down mattress topper is a luxurious topper composed of natural goose feather so as to deliver maximum loft and comfort. The feathers are generously stuffed into the topper and this is the reason why they are equipped with a thick and supportive layer that not only offers softness but an incredible thermal insulation too. This results into a soft to medium-firm sleeping surface that feels fresh, crisp and lets you fall asleep in a matter of minutes.
Such toppers are usually attached with elastic straps that are meant to hold the four corners of the mattress, leading to a snug fit design, where the topper almost feels like the topmost layer of the mattress and can be removed with an extreme ease.

In order to keep goose down mattress toppers at their best condition it is advised to rotate them at least once in a week or whenever you change the sheets as this will prevent clumping and redistribute fill across the surface.

Review of Top 10 Goose Down Mattress Toppers

1. Rose Feather Premium Quality Luxury Hypoallergenic White Goose Down and Feather Mattress Pad Mattress Topper Baffled Bed Overfilled-All Season

Rose Feather features some of the incredible range of goose down & feather mattress toppers and this product is no exception. Packed with 183 oz white goose feather fill this topper transforms your mattress into a luxurious sleeping surface in no time. The topper is even filled with a good amount of microfiber that aids its breathability and makes it apt for all seasons.

Some of the key components of this premium quality goose down feather mattress topper are:

  • 5200g Goose Feather + Microfiber: The mattress topper comes with a blend of 20% goose feather with microfiber in order to provide the comfort and softness of feathers and breathability of microfiber. These fills are held in a 233 thread count cotton cover that has been uniquely woven so that the feathers do not sneak out from the topper.
  • Double Needle and Box Stitching: Both double needle and box stitching design is implemented for keeping the fills at their place avoiding the chances of buildup or clumping even when you toss and turn on the surface.
  • One Year Limited Warranty: The manufacturer believes that the topper can perform for almost 15 years with proper attention and care. Further, it is even backed by a one year limited warranty.

2. Lavish Home Down & Duck Feather 4 Inch Gusset Topper – Queen

This overfilled mattress topper is made up of 95% duck feathers and 5% down feathers for that superior comfort and loftiness that you are searching for. The total weight of the fill is almost 14.5 pounds and this is held in a 233 thread count 100% cotton cover material.

The unique features of this down & duck feather gusset topper by Lavish Homes are:

  • 95% Duck Feather: As stated, this contains 95% natural duck feather that keeps the surface soft and ideal for all four seasons. This even relives pressure on the sensitive regions of the body and makes you feel as if you are floating on the clouds.
  • Baffle Box Construction: The baffle box construction allows the feathers to stick to their place without moving here and there due to the movement on the surface or your sleeping postures. With this, the mattress topper holds its shape and remains the way it is for years to come.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty: The topper is provided with a manufacturer warranty for a period of one year and this itself shows the confidence that the markers have on their quality of the product.

3. Rose Feather Premium Quality Luxury Hypoallergenic White Goose Down and Feather Mattress Pad Mattress Topper Baffled Bed Overfilled-All Season,

Another product from the house of Rose Feather is this luxurious white goose down mattress topper that can be washed in machine and has the ability to stand the test of time for almost 15 years. The topper is adored for its extra layer of comfort that leads to deep and restful sleep ensuring you wake up energized and refreshed the next day.

The primary characteristics of this goose down feather mattress topper are:

  • Microfiber with Anti-Allergy Coating: The topper is filled generously with breathable microfiber that regulates optimal temperature and reduces the scope of heat retention to a greater extent. In fact, the body heat is evenly distributed across the surface so that you can sleep without any disruptions throughout the night.
  • Baffle Box Design: Like most of the goose down mattress topper, even this one is equipped with the popular baffle box design that is meant to secure the position of feathers and ensure that the topper holds its shape even after frequent usage.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty: If you find any form of manufacturing defects or any complications arise within an year of usage then you can make use of the one year limited manufacturer warranty.

4. Millsave 5″ Queen Goose Down Mattress Topper Featherbed / Feather Bed Baffled

Millsave is a reputable topper manufacturer that produces some of the finest collections at affordable prices. If you are in search of well-developed and thick goose down mattress topper then this would probably end your search. With a thickness of 5 inches, this mattress topper features 95% goose feather and 5% down feather, where the high fill weight is 21.6 pounds with a fill power of 550.

Other important features of this goose down mattress topper are:

  • Unique Blend of Fill: The fill of this topper is something that makes it stand apart from the crowd. This is because the company guarantees to be a trustworthy supplier of such a featherbed with the amazing combination of goose feather with down. This fill is sealed in a 300 thread count cotton cover that minimizes leakage and keeps the fill at its place.
  • True Baffled Design: When it comes to holding the fill at a specific position then one can seldom forget the true baffled design of this goose down mattress topper that eliminates shifting or buildup and restores the loftiness of the topper in a simple fluff. If you feel that the topper is compressed then it used to be then fluff it once and you will notice the difference.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty: As seen in most of the credible brands, this featherbed is backed by a limited manufacturer warranty for a period of one year.

5. HLC.ME 3 Inch Thick Goose Down Alternative Mattress Topper with Stay Secure Anchor Bands & Baffle Box Stitching | Fits Mattresses Up to 18” | For All Night Comfort, Support & Restful Sleep

This one of the best-selling products from HLC.ME- the manufacturer of down alternative mattress toppers. The product is enriched with goose down-like fill that gives it a superior loft and makes it an incredible alternative to expensive mattress toppers. The topper is about three inches thick and this supports the vital parts of the body while promoting deep and sound sleep. Because you will never be able to sleep properly if you back or body hurts due to pressure exerted by the matters. To overcome this toppers are designed to distribute the weight of your body and make you feel as if you are sleeping on clouds.

That’s not all, rather there is a lot that you must know about this HLC.ME goose down alternative mattress topper and these are:

  • Real Down Topper That Does Not Aggravate Allergies: The essence of this topper lies in the synthetic goose down feather like filling that is 100% hypoallergenic and thus does not aggravate any allergies allowing you to sleep on the topper without any rashes, itchy eyes or sniffles that would affect the quality of your sleep. Further, it is equipped with portable pads that deliver excellent improvement in support and comfort.
  • Baffle Box Stitching: The filling in goose down mattress topper is quite light and tends to shift around but to overcome this issue the topper is crafted with baffle box stitching that ensures that the fill is present at the specified place without accumulating at a particular point.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty: Any complications with the mattress or associated issues can be handled with the help of one year limited manufacturer warranty.

6. MGM GRAND at home Platinum Collection 5″ Hotel Pillow top Down & Feather Bed / Mattress Topper filled with
Feathers and Goose Down Alternative Fiber -100% Cotton Feather Proof, Baffle Box

Rated to be a premium product, this goose down feather mattress topper is manufactured by MGM Grand and is meant for those who want to strike a perfect balance between comfort, support and breathability. The fill of this topper is specially engineered with 100% white feathers and goose alternative fiber fill so that you get the softness that you need with a bit of warmth and coziness in every season. The overall thickness of the topper is 5 inches and this is what aids in offering extra cushiony support to relieve pressure from various points of the body.

Some of the one of a kind features of this MGM Grand goose down alterative mattress topper are:

  • 100% White Feather + Fiberfill: The topper combines the power of white feathers with goose down alternative fiberfill so that you get the most of comfort with the feathers and breathability of fiberfill. As, the goose down alternative fiber regulates circulation of air and keeps the surface cool in order to avoid body perspiration and promote good sleep.
  • Double Stitching on Seams: No matter how exceptional the quality of fills might be they tend to move and to secure them at a particular point the manufacturers have double stitched the seams and have filled it in a 100% cotton cover.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty: If the topper tears, gets worn out or any manufacturer defects are noticed then you can make use of the one year limited warranty service and this strictly based according to the terms of manufacturer.

7. Pacific Coast Feather Company 55877 Luxe Loft Baffle Box Feather Bed, Natural-fill Mattress Topper, Hypoallergenic, Queen

Want to experience European Luxury at the comfort of your home? Then gift your mattress the ultimate goose down mattress topper by Pacific Cost that delivers extra luxury and revitalizes worn out mattresses in no time. The feather fills that are used in the making are processed as per strict industry parameters and this is something that keeps them free from the unwanted allergens. Still, if you suffer from any allergies after using them then you have the option to return the product as well.

Some of the useful components of this Natural fill mattress topper include:

  • Hyper clean Resilia Feathers: The topper is filled with hyper clean Resilia feathers that are cased in 100% cotton cover with a thread count of 230 that acts as a form of barrier and prevents leakage of feathers during usage. Further, these feathers offer cushioning for the hips and the shoulders so that you wake up fresh and free from aches.
  • True Baffle Box Design: The true baffle box design maintains the loftiness of the topper and keeps the fill at its place. In fact, this is a common technique implemented by brands to get rid of accumulation of fills at one place.
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty: The manufacturer believes in customer satisfaction and hence comes with a 30 Night Comfort Guarantee and 5 year limited warranty, where both are the reflection of manufacturer’s commitment towards quality.

8. Feather Bed Pillow Top Mattress Topper 5 Inch Free Cover Included

Manufactured by LuxurestLLC this is a high-quality goose down mattress topper provides you the touch, look and feel of a new mattress but without having to replace the current one! It realizes that there cannot be anything worse than poky feathers revealing from the topper and hence the fill have been beautifully woven and then filled in a cotton case of optimal thread count so as to prevent any tragedies that occur due to feather coming out from the mattress topper. Moreover, the presence of the cover ensures that the feathers do not come in direct contact with the mattress as well.

Some of the amazing features of this feather bed pillow top mattress topper are:

  • Premium Quality Goose Feather: The feather that is used to fill in this topper has the ability to relieve your body from several types of pain, making you feel rested and well slept so that you can wake up energetic and youthful. This means you would be able to sleep throughout the night without any disruptions due to pain or body ache.
  • Square Stitch Design: The square stitch design is similar to the box stitch design where seams are double stitched so as to maintain the position of the fill and keep them the way they are for years to come.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee: Confused with the quality of the goose down mattress topper or not sure whether this product will be ideal for you or not? Then, take the zero risk 30 days money back challenge where if you are not happy with the topper then just place a request for return and the money will be refunded.

9. White Goose Topper Feather and Down Baffle Box Featherbed Mattress Cover Top

Sleep is an invaluable aspect of your life. Not only does it rejuvenates your senses after a day of strenuous work but prepares you to face the challenges of the day ahead. This is the reason why people consider a healthy sleep cycle to be of utmost importance. For achieving this, Sweet Jojo Designs brings to you its white goose down mattress topper that not only supports each and every part of the body but even protects the surface from microbial, bacterial and fungal invasion. This results into long-lasting freshness that lets you sleep beautifully.

Some of the key elements of this goose down mattress topper from the house of Sweet Jojo Designs are:

  • White Goose Feathers & Down: The topper is filled with 95% white goose feathers and 5% down and this offers a lofty sleeping surface with comfy touch and support. The fill is cased in a cotton over of 240 thread count and then gusseted from the four sides giving it a thickness of two inches.
  • Baffled Box Construction: The fills are secured with baffled box stitching that is done from one end to another to prevent the shifting of fills. Every box is has a dimension of 10 inches and this is something that keeps the topper fluffy and cozy easily.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty: Whenever you find fill coming out from the topper, or any manufacturer defects then you can make use of the one year limited manufacturer warranty.

10. Feather Bed Mattress Topper Eco-friendly

Swiss Lux is a premier mattress topper manufacturer that is emerging to be one of the top contenders on the list. Its feather bed mattress topper is one of the most sort after options for those who need exceptional quality with the right balance of comfort. What’s interesting about the topper is the eco-feather that does not contain any type of allergens and lets you sleep on a natural surface so that your body does not come in contract with chemicals or other hazardous substances.

The major characteristics of this feather bed mattress topper are:

  • 100% Plush Feather Bed: This is a 100% featherbed material that is shelled in a cotton case of 233 thread count. The main idea behind this is to secure the feathers to perfection and ensure that they do not come out form the topper. Plus, the use of natural feathers brings the much-need plush and comfy feel.
  • Framed in Baffle Box: The heavily stuffed feathers are framed into the topper through baffle box construction, where boxes tend to preserve adequate amount of feathers at a particular place and maintain their distribution while avoiding clumping or accumulation.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty: The manufacturer offers this topper along with a warranty for a period of one year.

Pros and Cons of Goose Down Mattress Toppers

Goose down mattress toppers are fluffy supports that are embedded in large clusters to bring more loft and usually last longer. But, when you are about to purchase them then you need to weight both the positive and the negative aspects of owning such mattress toppers and these are explained below.

Pros of Goose Down Mattress Toppers

You must make goose down mattress topper part of your bedding solution because they are:

1. Perfect For All Seasons

The goose down mattress toppers are light and have the ability to conserve body heat. With this they keep you warm even during extreme cool temperature, in addition to that they remain cooler when the air is hot and that is what makes them ideal for all seasons. So, having these toppers can decrease your dependency upon the heating and cooling systems of your house and at the same time promote better and quality sleep cycle.

2. Lightweight

Being solely composed of feathers, these toppers are generally lightweight can be managed at an extreme ease. Further, most of the manufacturers produce wash and dry safe toppers that can be cleaned easily every now and then without having to worry about frequent vacuuming or use of other professional tools. Because of its lightweight you can shift the topper effortlessly and fluff it too so that the compressed portions of the toppers are back to the original shape.

3. Breathable Material

Goose down feathers are 100% breathable and they regulate circulation of air across the surface. This tends to decrease the chances of heat retention as the body heat gets uniformly distributed across the surface leading to a stable temperature. Further, flow of air reduces the bacterial, mold, dew or fungal buildup allowing you to sleep peacefully without having to worry about them.

4. Molds To Body Shape

Being soft, the feathers of goose down mattress topper conforms to the natural shape of the body and this supports the overall structure and curve reliving pressure at the sensitive portions such as at the lower back, hips, neck and the shoulder region. What’s even better is that the it holds the mattress in the same way as you body and this is how it takes both comfort and support to the next level.

Cons of Goose Down Mattress Toppers

There can be a few demerits of having these toppers too and some of them include:

1. Not For People Allergic To Feathers

If you are allergenic to goose or other associated feathers then the goose down mattress topper is not for you. This is because a major portion of this topper consists of natural duck or goose feathers that provides it the structure and loftiness. However, for people who suffer from such complications can opt for down alternative mattress toppers which are basically similar to goose down mattress toppers but are made up of synthetic materials such as polyester, rayon and microfiber. They do not carry any allergens as the down versions and stand apt for those who suffer from chronic feather allergies.

2. Poky Feather Leaking From Topper

Most seen in poor quality goose down mattress topper, the poky feathers tend to leak out and this can be quite uncomfortable as they constantly keep you poking when you sleep on them. To ensure that this does not happen with you opt for a high-quality mattress topper whose fills are shelled using 100% cotton case with optimum thread count. As, the cotton seals the feather within the topper and ensures they do not come in contact with your body or the mattress.

Goose Down Mattress Topper Buying Guide

The world of mattress toppers is almost endless, as there are so many options to choose from and identifying the best amongst the many is quite a tedious process. Hence, when looking for the right goose down mattress topper you need to focus on the following qualities

1. Fill Blend & Weight

Down products are filled either with goose feathers or a specific blend of down clusters and feathers. The precise blend is usually 95% and this is the minimum portion of down cluster found in the topper while the remaining 5% are small feathers. At present, the labeling requirements want manufacturers to portray the down content i.e. specifying the actual percentage of down found in the product. Most of the companies comply with these standards and clearly state this on their labels and contents.

Fill blend is a critical factor when selecting goose down mattress topper as this will determine the support, warmth and comfort that you can expect from them. Do remember: these aspects of the topper are even influenced by the fill weight. This weight is described as quantity of down content and feather used in the products and is usually denoted in ounces or grams.

2. Casing

Feathers must be shelled in a superior quality material so that their properties are secured and they are able to stand the test of time seamlessly. For this, most of the manufacturers make use of cotton as promising casing because it is a natural fiber that is soft on the skin and tends to complement the feathers by aiding in their breathability and creates a comfortable sleeping environment.

When dealing with the casing you must focus on the thread count of the cotton. On an average the thread count varies from 200-350 depending upon the manufacturer and the quality of topper that you choose. Don’t forget thread count on the higher side is sign of quality, while too thin cases with lower thread count won’t be able to stand for a long period of time, therefore take your decision wisely.

3. Construction

The goose down mattress toppers are constructed in two different styles and these are:

  1. Channel Construction: The vertical channels sewn from the top to the bottom of the topper, where the filling is positioned between each channel and thus can easily move from up to down portion of the channel. But, there are times when the filling tend to settle at the bottom and thus must be fluffed so as to get them back at their original position.
  2. Baffle Box Construction: The baffle box construction is one of the most preferred options where the topper is stitched together in the form of grid square compartments. Each compartment holds the feather fill and is sealed with double needling so that the down contents are not able to move anywhere other than the specific compartment.

4. Thickness & Support

Like other mattress toppers, the thickness and level of support of goose down mattress topper is equally important. The average thickness varies from two inches and goes beyond five inches, the right one for you is solely based on the preferences and requirements that you have. For instance, if you want optimal support then a thicker mattress that is 3 inches and above can do the trick, on the other hand if you want more of plush and less of firmness then the lofty toppers of 2 inches are just the solution that you need.

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